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About ManGroup

The Manufacturing Group of Companies has been founded on the belief that a superior quality product, featuring the ever important supply and support, can be provided by its subsidiary companies utilising a local and highly skilled labour force, to ensure the longevity of our Australian manufacturing industries. Recognising an emerging gap within industry for a wholly Australian owned and operated company, manufacturing equipment and delivering projects at an ever important competitive price, ManGroup continue to believe in the ability of well managed local industry.

With this philosophy in mind both Directors and staff are active board members and financial sponsors of multiple industry bodies and organisations and continue to believe in, as well as supporting local business growth wherever possible.

In support of the above philosophy and after having gained a vast amount of experience in the capital equipment manufacturing and high value project management industries by holding senior positions within the most recognised global brands, The ManGroup ’s two founding directors – Mr Sam Hosier and Mr Mike Wilkes continue to keep local industry growth at the forefront of their business ideology.

What We Do


Employing degree qualified mechanical engineers and design draftsmen utilising the latest versions of Inventor 3D modelling software and CAD programs to produce the most cutting edge and detailed models, allows manipulation on screen prior to manufacture, backed up by performing FEA – finite element analysis, the customer is able to ensure fully proofed engineered design and regulatory compliance.


With experience in a multitude of standards from Australian (AS) to gas field (API) our full team from engineering to administration are very well versed in meeting full compliance in the relevant fields ensuring that all projects are completed to the utmost levels of compliance and regulatory conformance with equipment audits and standards compliance reviews available also.

Pressure Vessel and Pipe Welding

Employing highly skilled tradespeople holding trade and pressure welding certification, and having pre-qualified procedures on a varying range of pipe sizes and materials, we have the ability to manufacture gas pipelines and pressure vessels with 100% X-ray and NDT pass rates to date, as well as full fabrication facilities from basic structural to custom designed and engineered supporting assemblies.

General Fabrication

In addition to specialised welding, we offer a full range of basic structural and project fabrications from 1T of steel to several thousand tonnes. We have the ability to manufacture simple posts and beams or produce complex assemblies within our fully equipped manufacturing facility equipped with overhead cranes and the latest of technology in equipment where possible.

Hydraulic & Mechanical Fitting

With the ability to manufacture, service, repair and rebuild “anything made with steel and hydraulics” we offer custom design and build of hydraulic equipment drawing on expertise within the group for use from underground to agricultural, from road sweepers to trenching machines and slashers. All Mangroup businesses offer “in-field” support of our own product as well as “in-field” maintenance and engineering services for all major brands and types of equipment.

Surface Treatment

12x5m down draft paint booth capable of 2pac paint system.

Site Service

Mangroup has several mine spec as well as non mine spec service vehicles for all types and sizes of “in-field” service and maintenance support either local or regional. These vehicles are manned with employees holding an array of inductions and certificates from confined space, first aid, working at heights to generic coal, GIQ and multiple mine site specific locations.